How to Blow Away Someone Who’s Stealing Your Love


First, Recognize the Problem. This basic step is usually a major hurdle for those who love in vain. Even when the object of one’s affection gives clear signs that they have no love to give, it’s typical for the foolish love to discount such evidence—after all, recognizing the problem is the first step in blowing away someone who’s stealing your love.

Second, Don’t Look Back. The foolish heart is sentimental—perhaps even masochistic—and tends to soften its resolve when the love object displays behaviour designed to keep the affection that has cost so little. Respect yourself for taking positive, liberating action, and remember: you’re blowing away someone who’s been stealing your love.

Third, once you’ve recognized the problem and weathered the emotional winds of change generated by your follow-through, Learn a Lesson. The satisfaction of knowing you’ve learned something will go a long way toward making you feel better about being such a fool in the first place; you can honestly say, “At least I got something out of this!” Blowing away someone who’s stealing your love will probably lead to a host of emotional benefits, but it’s useful to pin down at least one lesson as a “keeper”.

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