Welcome to readwrite Toronto, a group for writing essays and such for fun in a safe, highly moderated place. You don’t have to be an RWT student to join, just be gentle and supportive.

Reading helps writing and both help society by opening us up to the beauty inside and the strangeness around us.

James Ker has been a reporter on The Hamilton Spectator, a psychometrist (administering psychological tests and writing reports) and a publisher (The Karma Chronicle). He has written typesetting guidelines (Harlequin Enterprises), online help for business applications, speech proposals and, as a process analyst at BMO’s head office, IT guidelines for release management, security compliance and technology life cycle management.

Jamie’s writing shows creativity in addressing issues ranging from novel approaches to IT services (“Demand Optimization for IT”) to the basics of growing the Green movement (“Addressing climate change through social change”).

As the principal of ReadWriteToronto, Jamie publishes online and offers copy-writing, editing, proofreading and online coaching.


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