Another RWT Observation

The Plot Thins

After a prolonged blazing affair, Nicole[1] knew how to go for his jugular in the way most likely to get her what she sought.

Thus are heros born!

Nicole wasn’t going to be bought, nor did she seek to benefit in any way from what had been pleasurable for both herself and Sir Paul. Au contraire, Nicole sincerely sought something she knew would be cosmically beneficial to McCartney, i. e., a release from any guilt. All he had to do for her was to record a song to beg forgiveness for behaving “like a dust-bin lid” (read, “Asshole”).

Alas, though the recording was made, in accord with Nicole’s wishes, P. M. had the last laugh. Yes, the singing, music and lyrics cover all as per contract, but underlying the contract was an excusable—if costly—error of judgement, in Paul’s wease-ly favour, by Nicole: she thought that getting the song out would prove his sincerity.

Paul already had all he needed to fail Nicole’s trust: his shame and the concomitant determination to obliterate it. Add to that his knowledge of musical production—of such intimacy it was an easy game for him to remix for the actual release, tweaking some knobs in the mixing process so as to make all the fine words sound forced. Rest assured, they were.

Technically, Nicole heard and approved a mix made to sound the way she wanted. Technically, the same recording was used to make a new mix, this time with Paul’s vocals processed to sound irritating beyond the merely unprofessional: it sounds as if it was screwed up on purpose—as indeed, it was.

There’s no way that version’s gettin’ any airing much beyond another courtroom.

But why would Nicole care enough to bother engaging him again? Certainly not to prove something or to win something publicly. “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” And, like another favourite saying, “Bad behaviour is its own punishment.”

With sincere respect for Paul McCartney, AKA “Sir Paul”. The Plot Thins is fiction.

[1] Real name, unknown

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